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Ever thought of putting a ferret down your pants? Yes, ferrets, those weasel-like animals originally trained to hunt rats and possessing needle sharp claws and razor sharp teeth. The English do it for sport. Ferret Legging involves the tying of a competitors's trousers at the ankles and then dropping into the trousers a couple of vicious ferrets. No jockstraps or underwear allowed -- nothing but the bodies' own. The ferrets must be young and in good condition. Neither the ferret or the contestant may be drugged or drunk -- cold eyed sober only. The trousers should be loose fitting, to allow the ferret to scramble from one leg to the other, and are traditionally white, so that the blood shows better. Normal contestants are able to keep them down for up to 40 seconds. The champion ferret legger, Reg Mellor, of Yorkshire, holds the world record of 5 hours and 26 minutes. Mr. Mellor's claims that being the champion is not so much heroism but, "You just got to be able to have your tool bitten and not care."